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Retail Industry Consulting


Program Overview

With COVID-19 changing the way people interact with each other and the shift in people’s shopping habits, it is critical for retailers to adapt. While 1:1 retailing may have been a shopping method in the past, shoppers may not want to interact with others. Additionally, trying clothes on and touching many different articles will result in new processes that could result in additional labour and costs. To make matters more complex, there is not a single silver bullet for all industry segments – for instance, luxury is different from fast fashion; grocery different from off price. As for the health and industry, this is demonstrating all new challenges of its own. Ultimately, the market as a whole is changing. Retailers are struggling to navigate how to keep up with a market that is consistently changing while ensuring they adapt to such changes, all the while leveraging investments previously made. Accenture’s role is to provide the appropriate consulting, guidance, and support to this ever-changing retail market.


Brandon Bell

Brandon leads Solution Architect on a new enterprise Point of Sale with integration to legacy applications

In this month-long project, participants should consider the impact COVID-19 has had on the retail industry with the purpose of innovating the market for the future. With a key consideration being on contactless shopping, the participants should also consider and ideate the “Store of the Future” and the importance on digital and physical channels and converge. Teams will choose a retail segments to research, analyze and provide recommendations from fashion, health and beauty, grocery, or electronics using the following prompting questions to help propel thinking and recommended solutions to this emerging problem:

  • Can the customer use their own technology to create a contactless experience?

  • What experiences should the store provide for everyone?

  • How can a store create loyalty through next-generation customer engagement?

  • What are these company’s current business plans?

  • What are these current companies retail models?

  • What changes have these companies already implemented for their retail shopping experience?

  • What trends, gaps, inconsistencies, areas for improvement, etc. are you recognizing in the market?


Accenture Project Objectives:

  • Learn and practice 21st century competencies and skills within the context of real world problems and solutions in the consulting industry

  • Identify the impact COVID 19 has had on the retail market for the purpose of innovating customer experiences and leveraging previous financial investments

  • Use critical thinking skills and own practical experience to build solutions

  • Leverage public resources to identify practical solutions 

  • Build a customer journey map keeping in mind a business outcome and customer experience

  • Use qualitative and quantitative data to evoke projected outcomes for the retail industry

  • Provide a detailed analysis of how retailers can utilize an eCommerce framework or contactless approach to address the needs and changes required to be successful within the COVID pandemic

  • Prepare a market analysis of the needs and demands in the retail industry and decipher how to effectively meet such needs

  • Validate and refine proposals and reports based on mentor feedback

  • Practice story-telling and effective executive communication in the consulting industry

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