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IT and Market Analysis


Program Overview

The Samsung project is focused on understanding the changing technology needs of students, teachers and parents related to online learning during this unprecedented time. Essentially students in this placement will focus on technology from a marketing, research, data analytics, finance, and accounting perspective. This project will appeal to students studying in the field of finance, analytics, business, marketing, accounting CSR, and public relations.

Angelo R. DeLuca


Angelo R. DeLuca has been in the IT industry for over 17 years during this time he joined IBM Canada in February 2002 moving up quickly with success in a diversity of roles. He continued to go above & beyond with his involvement in’s Diversity Council and Co-Chair of IBM Canada’s Diversity Network Group. In 2018, he returned to a large manufacturer with Samsung Canada, taking responsibility for some of the largest digital integrators and projects in Canada.


Project Objectives:

  • Develop an understanding of what it takes to reimage technology in the wave of change for educational purposes

  • ​How Samsung can access broadband technology in communities where the potential impact is the greatest.

  • Investigate and analyze price points for devices designed for school use and how that compares from district to district with the outcome being the presentation of schoolwide Samsung device implementation

  • Understand the emphasis on the use of evidence

  • Perform a market analysis using a competitive market model to enhance and expand Samsung’s efforts to infuse an evidence-based culture when it comes to ed tech in schools and classrooms and understand where the greatest needs lie with technology implementation and what companies are doing what? (i.e., Apple, Google, Microsoft)

  • Perform a consumer analysis from varying demographics, the needs and requirements with technology uses for educational purposes- students, teachers, parents

  • Investigate data sets on different Samsung products and services to identify trends, gaps, deficiencies, and needs based on past, present and projected future numbers

  • Create a business plan to best execute Samsung technology initiatives from a school, district, provincial and federal level

  • Redefine past marketing strategies and frameworks and develop and innovate new marketing strategies and frameworks based on quantitative and qualitative data analysis and research

  • Investigate the role Samsung can play in a virtual community and pitch your ideas to the Senior Executive Team for review and possible outcome progression

  • Using business, finance, and analytics infused case studies, data sets, and models, accelerate and scale up adoption of effective approaches and technologies for Samsung

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